Kyle Eubanks

Kyle Eubanks


Squat: 365lbs.

Deadlift: 410lbs.

Mile run: 5:59

Bench: 330lbs.


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

I have always played organized, competitive sports since I was a kid. Whether that was basketball or cross country in high school. I have always enjoyed tests of endurance and have completed multiple sprint triathlons. I enjoy competing against others and myself.

Turning Point

I have exercised regularly since high school. However, I was becoming bored with the same old routine at regular gyms. I was frustrated when that I would lose muscle when I focused on cardio, or lose endurance when focusing on muscle. I found CrossFit as a great balance of all types of fitness. In addition to becoming more well-rounded, I loved the competitive outlet CrossFit gave me.

Motivation & Passion

As a coach, I enjoy seeing people transform their lives. I love watching people improve their overall fitness, quality of life, and PRs in the gym. Seeing people live full and active lives inside and outside of the gym is what brings me joy as a coach.

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